Counselling on Adolescent Reproductive Health and Pre-marital Preparation at SMK Kesehatan Bantul

Counselling on Adolescent Reproductive Health and Pre-marital Preparation at SMK Kesehatan Bantul

D3 Midwifery Study Programme of Alma Ata – Adolescence is an important phase in a person’s development, and it is a period when young people experience significant physical, emotional, and social changes. During this period, adolescents often begin to explore and learn about reproductive health. Therefore, it is very important that every school provides comprehensive reproductive health counselling and premarital preparation, including at SMK Kesehatan Bantul.

Reproductive health counselling and pre-marital preparation for adolescents at SMK Kesehatan Bantul can have a great impact in equipping them with the right knowledge and understanding of the importance of maintaining reproductive health. Here are some important points that need to be considered in reproductive health counselling for adolescents at SMK Kesehatan Bantul. Knowledge of Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology: Adolescents need to understand the anatomy and physiology of the reproductive system so that they can appreciate and understand the changes that occur in their bodies.

This extension activity was carried out on Thursday, 16 May 2023 at SMK Kesehatan Bantul with D3 Midwifery students from Alma Ata University accompanied by Mrs Baiq Rina Wulandari, S.ST., M.Keb as a lecturer and Mrs Tika as an alumnus of D3 Midwifery UAA.

This covers topics of puberty such as the menstrual cycle, fertilisation, and the pregnancy process. Regarding to the Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), adolescents need to be given an in-depth understanding of STDs and the importance of prevention. Counselling can address a variety of common STDs, such as HIV/AIDS, gonorrhoea, syphilis, and others. In addition, teenagers should also be given information on condom use and the importance of practising safe sex.

Teenage Pregnancy: Adolescents should be given a clear understanding of the risks and consequences of pregnancy at a young age. They need to know how to prevent unplanned pregnancy and how to deal with it if pregnancy occurs. Reproductive and Sexual Health Rights: Adolescents need to understand their rights regarding reproductive and sexual health. They should be informed of their right to accurate information, safe health care, and privacy in their reproductive and sexual health.

Reproductive health counselling for adolescents at SMK Kesehatan Bantul should be structured, interactive, and involve active participation from the adolescents. Methods that can be used include lectures, group discussions, role plays, or poster exhibitions on reproductive health. In conclusion, comprehensive and relevant reproductive health counselling is very important for adolescents in SMK Kesehatan Bantul. By providing a proper understanding of reproductive health, adolescents can make wise decisions, maintain their health, and develop a responsible attitude towards themselves and others.

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