ABCDE Tips to Prevent Child Stunting

ABCDE Tips to Prevent Child Stunting

Midwifery Study Programme of Alma Ata – Stunting or growth delay is a chronic nutritional problem that often occurs in children in the world, including Indonesia. Stunting itself can be seen when children have a shorter height than the normal height that children of the same age should have. In the case of stunted children, not only is physical growth different from children of the same age, but it can also affect cognitive development and learning ability. Departing from these conditions and urgency, all of us need to work together to protect the nation’s next generation from stunting.

Tips to Prevent Stunting in Children

To create a healthy and stunting-free generation, here are ABCDE Tips that can be used to minimise the stunting potential in children, including:

  1. Actively taking TTD (Blood Addition Tablet)
  • TTD consumption for adolescent girls 1 tablet once a week.
  • TTD consumption for pregnant women 1 tablet daily (minimum 90 tablets during pregnancy)

2. Pregnant women regularly check their pregnancy at least 6 times

  • Check pregnancy at least 6 (six) times, 2 (two) times by a doctor using ultrasound

3. Eat enough animal protein

  • Daily animal protein consumption for infants over 6 months of age

4. Come to Posyandu (healthcare post) every month

  • Come and monitor the growth (weigh and measure) and development, and immunisation of children under five to the posyandu every month.

5. Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months

  • Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months followed by up to 2 years of age

Although Indonesia has just succeeded in reducing the stunting prevalence rate to 21.6% in 2022, prevention efforts must still be carried out so that the number of stunting cases in Indonesia continues to decline. Continue to apply clean and healthy living behaviours, and hurry to consult health facilities to conduct pregnancy checks, so that any potential diseases in mothers and prospective babies can be treated as early as possible.

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