Learning Methods

The learning system used to achieve learning targets in the Alma Ata University Pharmacy Undergraduate Study Program is a student-centred learning system or better known as Student Centered Learning (SCL) where lecturers act as facilitators and motivators, which places more emphasis on student independence in learning and exploring information and knowledge related to study materials in the Bachelor of Pharmacy Study Program curriculum. Students are encouraged to “learning how to learn” so that they will emerge creative, independent, disciplined, critical thinking, communicative and able to work well in teams, have good technical skills, have global insight, and follow the development of information technology. The SCL learning model used in the Pharmacy Undergraduate Study Programme includes:

  1. Lecture / Expert Lecture
  2. SGD (small grup discussion)
  3. Structured assignment
  4. Self-study
  5. Laboratory Practicum
  6. Field Practicum
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