Prof Keith P. West, DrPH at UAA Campus, Reminds the Importance of Public Health

Prof Keith P. West, DrPH at UAA Campus, Reminds the Importance of Public Health

Alma Ata University Yogyakarta – Monday (13/3/2023), the Graduate School of Public Health Program at Alma Ata University (UAA) Yogyakarta held a public lecture related to public health. This public lecture was held at the KH Hasyim Asy’ari Auditorium, Al Musthofa Tower Building 9th Floor. This public lecture was presented by Prof Keith P. West, DrPH from Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Public Health, United States with the theme ‘Health Challenges for Young Public Health Professionals’.

The event was opened with remarks by the Rector of UAA Yogyakarta Prof Dr H Hamam Hadi, MS, Sc.D., Sp. GK. “This lecture was held to answer questions related to public health management and climate change as well as career opportunities in the world of health. Hopefully, it can open participants’ insights related to some of these matters,” said Hamam Hadi.

“The topics brought up in this public lecture are very relevant and important for the community. Hopefully, the presence of this public lecture can provide many benefits, especially for those who have a career in health,” added Hamam Hadi.

Prof Keith P. West, DrPH stated that climate change, poor environment, and poor quality of life are greatly affecting people’s lives. Not only in developing countries but also in developed countries, public health problems are also increasing based on the factors that cause them.

“Current climate change can adversely affect human health. Increasingly extreme high temperatures pose several risks, one of which reduces productivity and affects the human life cycle, not least in public health,” said Keith.

According to him, health challenges in the future will be even greater. Therefore, today’s young generation must be able to keep themselves healthy, one way is to familiarise themselves with a healthy lifestyle and exercise. Especially for Health Sciences students, Keith also hopes to continue learning about new things related to public health.

Maintaining a lifestyle and exercising is one of the main needs that must be maintained by each individual to maintain productivity. Through this public lecture, it is hoped that the material presented can add insight, open awareness of the importance of exercise, and provide benefits to the academic community, especially UAA Yogyakarta Health Sciences students.

The event continued with the inaugural lecture of the UAA Graduate School of Public Health Programme with the Expert Lecture Theme ‘Being Student of Public Health School’.


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