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Vision of Bachelor of Nutrition Science Study Programme

Alma Ata University

In 2035, it will become an excellent study programme in the field of maternal and child nutrition as well as nutrition-related noncommunicable disease that is independent, globally competitive, and contributes to the development of the nation’s welfare and world civilisation based on Islamic and Indonesian Nationality values.

National health survey data shows that the incidence of overnutrition or obesity is quite high in various age groups. At the same time, the problem of undernutrition has not been fully resolved. Many studies have shown that undernutrition and obesity increase the risk of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. The presence of these diseases in a person’s body can affect their productivity and also provide a heavy burden of medical expenses that must be carried out. The golden period, starting from the womb to the age of two, is the period for the amelioration of long-term health problems.

Considering this, the Nutrition Study Programme at Alma Ata University is to play an active role in efforts to develop public health and the quality of Indonesia’s human resources. Supported by an updated curriculum enriched with Islamic values, competent teaching staff, and adequate learning infrastructure, the UAA Bachelor of Nutrition Study Programme is able to produce professional nutritionists with good morals. In addition to educational activities, the UAA Bachelor of Nutrition Study Programme also plays a role in nutrition and health problems through many research and community service activities.

The excellence of the Bachelor of Nutrition education programme at Alma Ata University has been proven by the number of graduates who are directly absorbed by various agencies, as civil servants (Puskesmas and Hospital nutritionists) and in private companies such as multinational companies in the food sector. There are also graduates who are capable of entrepreneurship to open up jobs. Meanwhile, some graduates continue their master’s degree at various renowned universities at home and abroad.


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