Competency Exams

Alma Ata Nursing Program Prepares Students for Competency Exams

The era of globalization has a profound impact on the breadth of job opportunities and the heightened level of competition. Both of these aspects present challenges for Indonesian nurses. Consequently, the Nursing Competency Exam is seen as a proactive measure to elevate competitiveness and ensure a competitive edge in line with global standards.

As a concrete effort made by the Nursing program in preparing its graduates to pass competency exams, intensive preparations for the national competency exam have been undertaken by the Alma Ata nursing program, eventhough individual factors are also crucial components for success.

Item Development and Item Review by Alma Ata Nursing program

The Alma Ata Nursing Program engages in the creation and assessment of questions to ensure the production of high-quality items. Existing questions are particularly utilized to assist students in familiarizing themselves with national competency exam questions. Additionally, item development involves crafting questions for student block exams.

Results of Competency Exams for Alma Ata Nursing Graduates

The Nursing Program has successfully presented two cohorts for the National Competency Exam, resulting in an 83% graduation for rate for both groups. Subsequently, the program assists students in obtaining their professional registration certificate (STR) through the academic and alumni department. 

The STR is a crucial credential for nursing professionals, serving as a legal requirement for practicing their profession anywhere within the Republic of Indonesia. The absence of an STR would pose substantial hurdles for graduates in pursuing professional practice and achieving their aspirations. 

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