Muslim Millennial Students: A Healthy Lifestyle

Muslim Millennial Students: A Healthy Lifestyle

S1 Nursing Alma Ata – Bachelor of Nursing at Alma Ata – The millennial generation is recognized for its active, energetic, and busy lifestyle, as it engages in numerous activities. This is particularly true for students who aim to actively participate in lectures, internal and external organizations, and consistently expand their networks through social media or coffee shops. Additionally, the anticipation of traveling or simply exploring new places is a significant aspect of a student’s life amidst various tasks and events. Amidst these ambitions, maintaining physical stamina is crucial for students to cope with their diverse activities.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is vital, as health is the most valuable asset for everyone. As a millennial and a student, it is crucial to prioritize strength and well-being. Students must recognize the importance of instilling healthy habits early on, making it easier to incorporate them into their routines. According to a survey by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), exercise is the most popular activity among millennials aged 17-29. Engaging in daily exercise for an adequate duration is highly advantageous, ensuring that students can sustain vitality and energy amidst their busy schedules. Alongside physical activity, consuming healthy, halal, and thoyyib (pure and good) food is essential for overall health. Maintaining a well-balanced diet and paying attention to nutrition supports achieving optimal physical well-being. Adequate rest is also crucial, as it helps restore and replenish energy levels, making students who are energetic and active more desirable in society.

Living a healthy lifestyle is inadequate when only physical well-being is taken into account. Mental, emotional, and social health need careful consideration, particularly for students who may encounter pressures and burdens from various sources at any time.

Maintaining overall health, encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being, is a holistic endeavour. While it may pose challenges, it is not an insurmountable task; success relies on one’s intentions and steadfastness. For millennials, especially students, prioritizing health is strongly advised. This commitment extends beyond personal benefits to impact the well-being of those close to us. There is a significant expectation placed on the millennial generation, particularly on students.

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