Why are rabbits and mice often used as experimental material?

Why are rabbits and mice often used as experimental material?



Bachelor of Pharmacy Alma Ata – We often know that rabbits and rats are often used as experiments in laboratories. Scientists use animals as testing materials, especially for drugs before they are used on humans. Actually, animals whose genetic structure is similar to humans are primates. Animals such as monkeys are also commonly used as experimental material in laboratories. However, the use of animals such as monkeys and other primates is considered unethical and the conservation factor is also on the edge these days.

So, why are rabbits and rats often used? Here’s why they are used as test materials:

  • Both animals are difficult to endanger

Rabbits and mice breed very quickly. In one litter, there can be more than three litters. The birth interval between one and the next is quite short, so researchers don’t have to worry about the two animals becoming extinct in the hands of researchers.

  • Easy to maintain in the laboratory

They are small animals, so they take up less space in the laboratory. In addition, they are adaptable to new environments and do not get sick easily, so there is no risk of infecting others. The physical condition of sick or stressed animals will be a major influence and interfere with the validity of the trial results.

  • Rabbits and rats are domesticated animals

Both of these animals are basically docile. Although both have canine teeth, they are rarely used to bite humans. This makes it easier for researchers to use them as research material.

  • Microscopic structures in the body are very human-like

The structure and organisation of DNA and cells of mice and rabbits are very similar to humans. Both are mammals that are very likely to suffer from the same diseases as humans. So the reason for using these two animals is that when the trial is successful, it is likely to be successful in humans as well.

  • Highly efficient

Animals that are relatively cheap. In addition to the relative price, both animals are also easily available in large quantities in the market and breeders. If in certain conditions these animals are difficult to obtain, laboratory managers can easily breed them themselves.

Those are some of the reasons why rabbits and mice are more often used in laboratory trials. Of course, to support researchers in developing research and as our learning material in experimenting.

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