Learning Methods


Alma Ata University applies several theoretical learning methods :

1. Student Centered Learning (SCL) approach is a learning model that places students at the centre of the learning process.

2. Tutorial (tutoring) is academic learning assistance or guidance by tutors to students (tutees) to help the smooth process of independent learning of students individually or in groups related to teaching materials.

3. E-learning is an educational system or concept that utilises information technology in the teaching and learning process.


It is a form of learning where students play an active role in carrying out midwifery practice skills in campus laboratories or skills labs.

CLINICAL PRACTICE (Clinical Exposure)

Clinical learning is the focus of learning and teaching that involves patients directly. This activity is carried out in collaboration with health agencies within the Health Office, government hospitals, private hospitals, and midwifery clinics located in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas.

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