International Nursing Program


Details International Program (IDR)
Institutional fee 2.500.000
Institutional fee per credit 250.000
Shodaqoh Jariyah 15.000.000

International Learning Experience (2 semester)

Cost of International Learning experience depend on destination University



Learning process using curriculum Dormitory with islamic environment
Representative Classroom National and international networking
Theater room E-learning
International academic Environment ALTC (Alma Ata Language Training Center)
Language and skills laboratory facilities LPBA (Lembaga Pelatihan Baca Tulis Al-Qur’an)
Professional lecturer AAMC (Alma Ata Medical Center)
Library Food Court
Greenland hotspot area Mosque





The year of 2016 was the beginning of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) AEC is the realization of economic integration in South East Asia Region to improve the economic stability and strengthen economic area among ASEAN countries. Indonesian government has prepared a strategic plan to deal with AEC by improving the quality of human resources in health sector, especially nurses. Demand for nursing profesionals for midle east countries, Australia, and America sparked Indonesia to prepare professional nurses who are able to compete internationally. With G-to-G program from Indonesia government, University of alma ata Yogyakarta proudly present international nursing class (Alma Ata International Nursing Program) for Indonesia citizens who are dedicated to be a professional nurse with international knowledge and skill.

Learning Process

Alma Ata International Nursing Program (AAINP) will be completed in two levels. Eight semesters for bachelors degree and one semesters intership level. Learing process be delivered in English.

International Learning Experience

The AAINP students will engape in international learning process. This program provides multicultural learning environments leading to insight networking for participants.


Our Lecturers

  1. Prof., Dr. Hamam Hadi.,Ms.,Sc..D.,Sp.,Gk
  2. Prof., Dr. M.Djufrie., Ph.D.,Sp.,Ak
  3. Prof., Dr. Dra. Wiryatun Lestari.,Apt
  4. Dr. Madarina Julia., MPH.,PhD.,SpA
  5. Dr.Akhmad Mahmudi, Sp.,BA
  6. Dr.Pemodjo Dahlan.,Sp.,S
  7. Dr.Hasto Wardoyo., Sp.,OG
  8. Dr.Deddy Nurwachid A.,Sp.,Ot
  9. Dr.Sugeng Yuwara.,Sp.,OT
  10. Dra,Hj. Ida Rufaida Ali
  11. Brune Indah Yulita Sari.,S.,Kep.,Ns.,MN.,S
  12. Dr.Oga Indrajaya
  13. Dr.Nurmokhman.,M.,Si
  14. Dr.Ircham Machfoedz.,M.S
  15. M. Dawam Jamil., SKM.,M.Kes
  16. Ridwan Ahmad Sukri.,M.,Hu,
  17. dr. Aiunun Naim
  18. dr. Zulaela, Dipl.,Med.,Stats.,M.,Si
  19. Dr. Sri Werdarti.,M.,Kes
  20. Edi Sampurno.,M.,Nurs.,Ph.D
  21. Anafrin Yugistyowati.,S.,Kep.,Ns.,M.,Kep.,S.,Kep.,An
  22. Wahyuningsih ,S.,Kep.,Ns.,M.,Kep
  23. Nindita Kumalawati.,S.,Kep.,Ns.,MN.,S
  24. Lia Endriyani .,S.,Kep.,Ns.,MN.,S


  1. Admission
  2. Student may come to Alma Ata and complete the admission requirement
  3. Online enrollment can be done by visiting our website

  1. Student can apply directly through admission team of Alma Ata during the road show to SMA/SMK/MA
  2. Enrollment
  3. wittent tes

academic test by computer based test (CBT)

  1. Non-Written test

penerimaan minat dan kemampuan raport (PMDK-R)

penerimaan minat dan kemampuan ujian Nasional (PMDK-UN)

penerimaan Bibit Unggul Daerah (PBUD)

  1. Admission Requirement
  2. complete online admission application form on

  1. pay registrasion fee and physical test to the bank
  2. complete the personal data of application

  1. Submit required application documents such as :

one copy of legalized student car of SMA/SMK/MA

one copy of identity card (KTP/Kartu Keluarga)

one photo, size 4×6 with read background ( Soft file)

Attachment for special group :

One copy of legalized rapport for semester 4-5 (minimal score of 7or 3,0 for “curriculum of 2013” For PMDK-R)

One copy of legalized SKHUN (For PMDK-UN)

One copy of award certification (For PBUD)


  1. Special Requirement
  2. student may come to Alma Ata to do interview (in English
  3. Copy of English proficiency evidence (TOEFL) with minimum score 450 (TOEFL ITP)
  4. applicant should sign a consen letter after being, accepted by Alma Ata International Nursing Program
  5. willing to improve English Skill in second semester (TOEFL 500/IELTS 5) and sixth semester (TOEFL 550/IELTS 6)
  6. student are dedicated for working aboard

The minimum das participants must be 15 students


  1. Admission System/One Day Service
Aplly online by visiting our website

or coming to Alma Ata Campus directly


Academic test (for written test)

Verivication of PMDK-R/PMDK-UN/PBUD (non-written test only)

Pay registration fee to the bank by using virtual account Pay physical test fee (application who passes Academic test and verivication)
Complete and print out the personal data of application on


Physical test at Alma Ata Medical Center




    Admission Schedule

group registration test Announcement Final registration
Special group 01 nov 2019 to 10 juni 2020 One day service After completing test : 5 days after announcement
1st group 11 januari 2020 to apr 2020 1. academic test by CBT
2nd group 21 Apr 2020 to 22 juni 2020 2. Physical test
3rd group 23 jun 2020 to 31 agus 2020 3. drug-free test interview





Pendaftaran Sewaktu-waktu Ditutup Jika Pendaftar Sudah Memenuhi Kuota

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